The Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers Hall of Fame is located in Waco, TexasThe Texas Rangers originated in the 1820/s as a volunteer corps to prevent Native American Indian attacks. Later the Rangers became lawmen; their exploits have become legendary. In 1835, the year before the Republic of Texas was born, the rangers became an official, full-time corps that was paid to defend the frontier.

The United States annexed Texas in 1845 and protection of the frontier became a federal responsibility; the rangers then reverted to a volunteer, militia-type organization. Under John Coffee (Jack) Hays, they fought in federal service during the Mexican War, winning national attention for their skill and bravery. Reorganized in 1874, the rangers--with the gradual end of the Indian wars--became a statewide law-enforcement agency responsible for suppressing feuds and riots, controlling cattle thefts, and capturing train robbers. Since 1935 they have operated as a branch of the Texas Department of Public Safety.


The Texas Rangers Hall of Fame-

Located in Waco, Texas this museum chronicles the famed lawmen who tamed the wild frontier. Features a replica of the original Texas Ranger Fort which was established in 1837. Today this facility is the present headquarters for the modern day Company F. Texas Rangers.


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