Crowell Population - 1230 Altitude- 1,300

General information

Firehall Museum in CrowellEstablished in 1891, Crowell was decided on for the seat of Foard County and became the retail center for agricultural and oil production.

On Nov.10, 1886, George T. Crowell purchased school section #446. Then on Jan.23, 1891 he sold to James F. Witherspoon, M. F. Thacker, and C. A. Andrews a three-fourth undivided interest in the north half of the section. Feb. 26,1891 M. F. Thacker, C. A. Andrews, James F. Witherspoon and an 11 man Pack bought railroad section #445. These men met and formed a town site and decided to call it Crowell in honor of George T. Crowell. When Crowell won the county seat in an election on April 27, 1891, the courthouse was placed on the dividing lines of the above mentioned sections.

General Tidbits

In the mid 1800's this part of Texas was the domain of Comanche Indians who figured in the area's most famous case of a white girl captured and reared by red men. The girl was Cynthia Ann Parker, taken by Indians in 1836, reared with the Comanche as one of their own, and recaptured by white men in 1860. The site where Cynthia Ann was recaptured, Pease River Battlefield, is marked by an historical marker, some nine miles northeast on F.M. 98.

Depot Library - Museum

In an old Santa Fe depot (c. 1908); houses public library; museum features local history and extensive collection on Cynthia Ann Parker, and other items dealing with Crowell's frontier history. (There's also an exhibit in the Foard County Courthouse open during weekday business hours.)

Open Monday through Friday, 1:30 - 5 p.m. At 203 North main Street.

Firehall Museum

A pioneer schoolroom and old fashioned family settings in the charming museum preserve rustic accents of the county's heritage. Household, farm and ranch implements plus a detailed scale model of a country town in the early 1900's are among the displays. There is also an exhibit on the Gen. George B. McClellan's 1877 copper mine, including artifacts from his campsite.

McClellan was Commander in Chief of the Union Army for a time in the War Between the States, and was the Democratic nominee opposing Abraham Lincoln in the 1864 presidential election.

Open Monday through Friday, 2:30 - 5p.m.


Hunting: Deer, Turkey, Wild Hog, Dove, Quail

Copper Breaks State Park is just 8 miles North of Crowell.

Truscott Brian lake, 17 miles South of town.

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