Benjamin, Texas Pop. 334 alt. 1,456

General -

On divide between South Wichita and Brazos Rivers, city was established in 1884 when 12 houses were built with lumber hauled from Wichita Falls. Early center of cattlemen's activities, present seat of Knox County, still a major ranching area.

Knox County Museum -

Barbed wire collection and other relics of early settlers. In County Courthouse. Open Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.; closed holidays.

Scenic Drive -

Thirty-six-mile loop northeast provides views of farms and ranch lands cut by South Wichita River breaks; fantastic shapes in layers of multi-colored soils. North on Texas 6 to F.M. 1756, east to F.M. 267, south to U.S. 82, then west back to Benjamin. A pair of roadside parks on U.S. 82 provide impressive views north toward South Wichita River and south toward the Brazos. Parks are at a point called "the narrows" on a ridge line that separates the two watersheds.



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