Big Bend National Park Pop. 285 Alt. 1,850 - 7,835

Big Bend National Treasure! Mountain trail riding in Big Bend National Park
General -
Big Bend National Park encompasses 801,163 acres, an of magnificent contrasts. Visitor can travel from the Rio Grande with its spectacular canyons and jungle like flood plain up through Chihuahuan Desert which constitutes the majority of the park, to Chisos Mountains with cool woodlands. This variation in elevation and temperature makes the Big Bend an ideal year round park. Big Bend is a challenging place to visit in the summer. May and June temporaries in the Chisos Mountains can reach 95 degrees. With a diversity of Mexican and American plants, more than 1,100 plant types are found in the park. Animal life is just as varied. Desert wildlife is mostly nocturnal, but deer, coyotes, javelinas, gray fox, skunks, raccoons and jackrabbits might be seen during the day. Lucky visitors might spot some of the rarer animals, such as ringtail, black bear, beaver and mountain lion. More than 430 bird species have been identified, more than at any other national park. Birds include the cute and cuddly road runner, area the raucous gray-breasted jay, beautiful hummingbirds, and the rare Colima warbler whose only U.S. nesting grounds are in the Chisos Mountains.

One hundred million years ago, this area was under a ocean. 65 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the area, sharing land and air with other ancient creatures, such as the Big Bend Pterodactyl, largest flying creature ever known, with an estimated 51-foot wingspan. Big Bend is a geological showplace where erosion has exposed geological structures from the simplest to most complex. In this overwhelming landscape, even the non geologist will sense the magnitude of time and forces that shaped the land.

It is a vast land full of much vastness that invites vast exploring, not a park that can be seen in just a few hours. Several hundred miles of trails range from short, easy nature walks to primitive trails for experienced hikers. More than 100 miles of paved roads and about 170 miles of dirt roads are in the park; check with any ranger for current conditions of all primitive, back country and graded roads before attempting to travel.

A permit is required for all back country and primitive camping; also for all river users. Free permits may be obtained at Park Headquarters or ranger stations.

Pet owners take note: Pets are not permitted on any trail and must be kept on a leash at all times. In fact, pets aren't allowed outside developed areas, meaning campgrounds and roadsides. Also, because of wild animals roaming the park, do not leave any pet unattended. Sometimes pets do get eaten, and then Fluffy isn't fluffy any more! Also, because of extreme heat, do not leave pets locked in cars. Animals left in vehicles during the summer cook easily. It's best to leave your pets at home.

Rangers present walks and illustrated talks throughout the year.

Basic facilities in the park include visitor centers, post office, National Park Service campgrounds, a trailer park, store / gas stations, and a restaurant / gift shop / lodge in the Chisos Mountains Basin. Lodging is available in 58 motel type rooms in eight lodge type units, plus six more rustic type cottages all located in the Basin type area of the park. Advance reservations are strongly advised throughout the ear, especially around holidays and during spring break. Write Chisos Mountains Lodge, Basin Rural Station, Big Bend National Park, Texas 79834. Phone 915/477-2291.

Accessible from Marathon via U.S. 385 (70 miles), from Alpine via Texas 118 (108 miles), from Marfa / Presidio via U.S. 67 and F.M. 170 (156 miles). Admission.

For further information, write Superintendent, Big Bend National Park, Texas 79834.
Phone (915) 477-2291.

Big Bend National Park Visitor Centers -

Information maps, literature, exhibits. visitor center in lobby of Park headquarters at Panther Junction open year round, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Visitor centers in Chisos Basin, Persimmon Gap, and Rio Grande Village open seasonally, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Hallie's Hall of Fame Museum -

Houses mementos and relics found on Hallie Stillwell's ranch. Mrs. Stillwell's book, "I'll Gather My Geese," recalls her life as a teacher and rancher in and around the rugged national park lands. Nearby is Stillwell RV Park and Store. Just north of Big Bend to F.M. 2627, then east to the facilities. (915)376-2244.

Rio Grande Float Trips -

The National Park Service advises there are several licensed outfitters who provide river float trip or wilderness excursions in Big Bend National Park. An approved list can be obtained from the park.

Scenic Drive -

"El Camino del Rio", Spanish for "The River Road", is local name for F.M. 170 that stretches from Lajitas northeast to Presidio and beyond. An excellent paved route, it's one of the most spectacular drives in Texas, plunging over mountains and canyons along the fabulous sun drenched Rio Grande. Drivers are cautioned that the route encounters steep grades (15%), sharp curves, occasional loose livestock and low-water crossings; special alert for large RV's or vehicles pulling large trailers.

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