Brady Population - 5,523 Altitude - 1,670


Settled in mid-1800's, Brady became the seat of McCulloch county in 1876. At the edge of the Hill country on the former Dodge Cattle Trail. Fourteen miles southwest, community of Calf Creek is the site of an Indian battle where James and Rezin Bowie, with a small party, were besieged for eight days by Tawakoni Indians. The fierce bowie brothers fought their way free,

Historical markers note the geographical center of Texas: one is on the picturesque courthouse square, and another, some 15 miles north on U.S. 377, is five miles southeast of the exact center of Texas. In straight line distance it is 437 miles to the Rio Grande beyond El Paso, 401 miles to the Rio Grande below Brownsville, 412 miles to the Panhandle border beyond Texline, and 341 miles to the Sabine river near Burkeville.

The longest fenced cattle trail in the world once extended from a railhead at Brady to Sonora.

The city today offers excellent parks, city-owned lake and golf course; fishing year round. Hunting during season includes white-tailed deer, wild turkey, dove and quail.

For in formation on events, accommodations, dining or sports events, call the chamber of commerce at (915) 597-3491.



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