Calvert pop.1 , 750 alt. 335

General -
Victorian describes Calvert from business buildings and residences to Virginia Field Park. A National Historic District. Named for descendant of Lord Baltimore, Robert Calvert, plantation owner who donated townsite. In 1871 had largest cotton gin in world. Cityclaims title of "Antique Center of Texas." Bed and breakfast accomodations offered in historic buildings.

Historic Buildings-

Historical medallions mark Cobb's Market, 517 Main St.; Church of Epiphany, Gregg and Elm, and First Presbyterian Church built before Cuvil War with materials from Calvert Plantation (except for leaded glass windows), moved to town 1868; other historic sites.

Virginia Field Park-

features large gazebo and shady playground. Once the site of an unusual prison during Reconstruction. A 'sky parlor" jail, built atop a tall pole, held Southern sympathizers.



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