CANTON Pop. 3,250 Alt. 540


It was a wild time in Texas during the late 1800's. Events were prone to take unexpected turns. Take the case of Canton in East Texas. It seems that the nearby town of Willis Point had the notion that, since the railroad came through their fair city, they should be the county seat. The city leaders were successful in convincing the right people of the same, and Willis Point became the county seat. Trouble was, Van Zandt County already had a county seat: Canton. And they thought that things had been working just fine for the last 25 years, It's still disputed whether the county records were taken through lawful means or stolen. What no one questions Canton's response. The people of Canton picked up their trusted arms, marched on to Willis Point, and reclaimed those records for return to the county seat in Canton. It took a lengthy court battle that went all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, but the people of Canton ultimately prevailed, and remains the county seat of Van Zandt County to this day.

Flea Market "First Monday Trade Days"-


It starts the Friday before the first Monday of each monty and spans four days. Which is a good thing because it would take that long to see everything the vendors of First Monday Trade Days are hawking. With 100 acres of booths and equal space for parking, this Texas-sized flea market has it all, from the priceless to the paltry. A must experience. Two blocks north of town square (903) 567-6556

Brewer's Bells Museum-

Bell collection of Belle Brewer, contains some 3,200 bells, many rare and exotic. Museum/florist shop is 2 mi. west on Texas 64. Admission.



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