CEDAR HILL Population - 20,937 Altitude- 800


The second oldest community in Dallas County, Cedar Hill was founded on the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad around 1850. It is also the Highest point in the entire county. The Main Post Office was granted before 1856.

Like most cities in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex its growth is paralleled with other surrounding areas.

Home to private school, Northwood institute.


Joe Pool and Mountain Creek.

Cedar Hill State Park-

1,850-acre park on east shore of Joe Pool Lake amid rolling cedar-covered hills; camping, trailer facilities, picnicking, shelters, swimming, rest rooms and showers, hiking and fishing. Although considered an urban park because of its location, the beauty of the woods makes it a popular destination for Dallas/Fort Worth residents. At night, the metroplex skyline lights are reflected softly in the lake

Penn Farm Agricultural History Center-

depicts farming right before and after World War II when there was a change in agriculture from being an enterprise of self-sufficient small farms to more of an agribusiness. Exhibits housed in 1918 barn, a Model T garage, two granaries and other restored structures interpret the farm site and life of the middle-class farmers who worked the land from the 1920s to the 1960s. 214/291-3900



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