Camp Verde Pop. 41 Alt. 1,800

General -

Small community in beautiful Hill country area at approximate site of Camp Verde, U.S. Army frontier post which was established on July 8, 1855, as the headquarters for the famous Army camel experiment.

Secretary of war Jefferson Davis promoted this experiment to use camels for overland communications and transportation across rugged, often arid country to the west, terminating at fort yuma, California. The post was taken over by confederate forces in 1861; regarrisoned by federals in 1865; abandoned in 1869. The only remaining structure is now the main ranch house of Nowlin Ranch, not open to the public.

A roadside park on the bank of Verde Creek and an old fashioned general store post office are enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. On Texas 173 at F.M. 480 intersection, about 12 miles south of Kerrville.



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