Camp Wood Pop. 701 Alt. 1,450

General -

Community grew around U.S. Army post of same name 1857. Site was abandoned location of Spanish mission San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz, founded by Franciscan missionaries in 1762. Army abandoned post in 1861, but Texas rangers used the facilities for a number of years following the Civil War. Historical markers just north of the city on Texas 55 give details of the fort and mission. The town is at the edge of the Nueces river Canyon in an area of Hill Country camps and sparkling streams.

Lake Nueces Park -

On picturesque Lake Nueces; offers camping facilities, some with full hook-ups, swimming, boating established (two boat ramps), and fishing. Take Texas 55 south 3.5 miles.

Scenic Drives -

A series of highways in a loop to the northeast span some of the most spectacular scenery in the Hill country - a land of massive timbered hills, steep cliffs, small secluded valleys and streams: North on Texas 55 and F.M. 335, east on Texas 41, south on F.M. 336 and U.S. 83 to Leakey, then west on F.M. 337 back to Camp Wood. The last leg on F.M. 337 is a sample of the routes continuing grandeur all the way east to Medina.



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