DEVINE Pop. 4,528 Alt. 670


Created as a station on the International & Great Northern Rail Road in 1881 although scattered settlement dates from 1840s (Indian raids persisted until 1870s), named for Thomas Jefferson Devine, a San Antonio judge; trade center for irrigated district of the Medina Valley, a diversified agricultural region. Major peanut shipping center, nurseries, extensive honey production. Municipal golf course, swimming pool.

Bigfoot Wallace Museum-

Honors famed frontiersman and Texas Ranger. Housed in replicas of his log-cabin home and Texas independence Hall. Artifacts of Wallace's activities in Texas War for Independence, Mexican War and Indian fights. Open by appointment; inquire locally in Bigfoot, 6 miles southeast via Texas 173 and F.M. 472.

Stroud Blacksmith Shop-

in continuous operation since 1903; traditional blacksmith shop; hundreds of cattle brands burned on shop doors from branding irons handmade in the shop. 103 Herring St.



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