DIMMITT Pop. 4,779 Alt. 3,854


Established in 1891 as county seat of Castro County and named for Rev. W.C. Dimmitt. The hard feelings after Dimmitt was selected over Castro City as the county seat led to a gunfight between Ira Aten, a retired Texas Ranger, and Andrew McClelland. An historical marker at the court-house square commemorates the event.

County excels in agriculture, producing large yields of corn, wheat, sunflowers, Sugar beets and vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions, cucumbers).

Castro County Museum-

Housed in the Old Carter House, built in 1909 and moved to five-acre tract just west of the hospital. Features county photos, artifacts, early farm equipment and furnished half-dugout. Open Mon. Fri. I - 5 p.m. 404 W. Halsell St.



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