Eagle Lake   Pop. 3,822    Alt. 170

General -

Town and nearby lake named for Karankawa Indian legend of a brave who bested his rival by crossing the lake and returning with an eagle for an Indian maiden. today noted as duck and goose hunting area. During annual migratory waterfowl hunting season, hunters bag thousands at nearby hunting clubs. Area produces abundant rice harvests that exceed a million bushels a annually.

Attwater Prairie Chicken Refuge -

Sanctuary for Attwater, or coastal, prairie chicken covers 3,000 acres near San Bernard River. Rate of decline in bird population exceeded that of whooping cranes through the middle years of this century. Recently established refuge has won support of landowners and conservationists in saving prairie chickens that once numbered hundreds of thousands. tours may be arranged by contacting Eagle Lake Chamber of Commerce, 409/234-2780.

Prairie Edge Museum -

Features exhibits dedicated to the collecting and preserving of natural history and cultural traditions in Colorado county. Open Sat., Sun. 2 - 5 p.m. 408 East main Street.



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