FORT McKAVETT Population - 103 Altitude - 2,155


This rural community located in West Menard County occupies the site of a frontier Army fort founded in the mid-1800's as a protection for Anglo-settlers from Native American Indians. located On F.M. 864 just south of U.S. 190 (west of Menard).

The Ghostly like ruins at the Fort McKavett State Historic Site.Fort McKavett State Historic Site-

This old fort was established in 1852. Known then as Camp San Saba; later named for Captain Henry McKavett, whom was killed at the fierce Battle of Monterrey in the Mexican War. Fort McKavett was later abandoned during the Civil War; but, soon reoccupied by Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie in 1868.

By 1876 there were stone barracks for eight infantry companies, 12 officers' quarters, a hospital, guardhouse, magazine, bakery, post office, large headquarters building, storehouses and stables. The importance of this fort declined after 1874 when a major and brutal Army offensive against Native American Indians produced several major victories for the Anglo's. The most significant victory came in Palo Duro Canyon (See Canyon). The Post was totally abandoned in 1883.

The site became a historical landmark and extensive restoration of ruins were made.Today, Interpretive exhibits in original hospital feature historical photos, dioramas, and some 200 artifacts. Open daily 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.



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