Glen Rose Population- 2,308 Altitude- 680

"Fossil Rim Wildlife Ranch"

General information

Fossil Rim Wild Life RanchThis extremely popular Texas tourist town began with the establishment of a trading post at what is today Glen Rose, Texas.  In 1849 this, was the beginning of this present seat of Somervell County. Located at a picturesque spot on the Paluxy River, just above its confluence with the Brazos River.

General Tidbits

The amount of land area in Glen Rose is 5.636 square kilometers and the amount of surface water is 0.009 square kilometers.

The distance from Glen Rose to Washington DC is 1294 statute miles. The distance to the Texas state capital is 132 statute miles.

Glen Rose is positioned 32.23 degrees north of the equator and 97.75 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Several bed and breakfast accommodations offered in historic buildings. Squaw Valley Golf Course, owned by the county, is one of the top municipal courses in the area.

The city Expo Center features events scheduled throughout year. For current schedules call, (254) 897-4509.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Dinosaur Valley State Park Features Life size dinosaurs! (Well replicas) Giant replicas of dinosaurs dwarf surroundings in Dinosaur Valley State Park near Glenn Rose.
Unique, picturesque park on scenic area of Paluxy River. The Paluxy flows over solid rock that contains the best-preserved dinosaur tracks in Texas. It was here the first
Sauropod tracks in the world were discovered. The Sauropods were plant-eating reptiles more than 60 feet long, weighing 30 tons. Two other tracks are also found in the riverbed, those of the duckbilled dinosaurs, only 30 feet long, and Theropods, 12-foot-tall meat-eaters. Interpretive exhibits give visitors a glimpse of how Texas might have looked 100 million years ago. The 1,204-acre park also offers camping, picnicking, and nature trails. Approximately five miles west via U.S. 67, F.M. 205. Admission. (254) 897-4588.

Creation Evidence Museum

Original research contributes significant information to the controversy between the theories of life origins, namely creation vs evolution. The Museum's research involves experimentation and simulation of Earth's original pre-Flood environment in the world's first hyperbaric biosphere. Various teaching aids, books, videos, tapes, and other resources are available through the Museum. Exhibits include artifacts and fossil displays, Acrocanthosaurus bones, dinosaur footprint casts, and more.

Open Tues. - Sat. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Approximately four miles west via U.S. 67, F.M. 205. Admission. (254) 897-3200.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Discover some of the world's most endangered animals, like white rhino, cheetah, and Grevy's zebra, among some 30 species that roam free on 2,900 acres of valleys and savannahs. Other activities include petting pasture, restaurant, nature store, picnic area, nature trail, education center, and overnight conservation camp.  Enjoy a nice scenic 9.5 mile wildlife drive, take the behind-the-scenes tour, or check out the mountain bike and walking trails. Open daily except Christmas and Thanksgiving. Off U.S. 67, 3.5 miles west.
Admission. (254) 897-2960.

The Promise

A scene from The PromiseAn historical, yet contemporary, re-enactment of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The musical drama with a cast of 80 is presented in open-air Texas Amphitheater. Performances usually Fri. -Sat. evenings Sep. - Nov. For exact dates, call Promise Productions, (800) 687-2661.

Squaw Creek Lake

Built for cooling a nuclear power plant, the 3,228-acre lake is unusually deep and clear, with a rocky shoreline. Excellent fishing for stocked population of spotted, smallmouth and hybrid striped bass and walleye, and native game fish. Fee access; about 4 miles north of Glen Rose off Texas 144.

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