Grand Saline Population- 2,946   Altitude- 407

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Two visitors survey a very large block of salt outside the Salt Palace in Grand Saline

This pleasant Texas City grew from a primitive yet prosperous salt works established in 1845.   Grand Saline is now the site of one of the largest salt plants in The United States. The saltdome under the city is about 1.5 miles across and some 16,000 feet thick; it could supply the world's need for salt for 20,000 years.


Early 1920 railroad depot has been renovated and serves as a city library and civic center.  Displays include antique furniture and a porcelain doll collection.
Open Tues - Fri. 9a.m. - 5 p.m.  201 Pacific St..

Grand Saline Museum / Salt Palace

Present salt-block buidling, built in 1993 is the fourth salt structure since the original salt palace was built for the Texas Centennial in 1936. This is the only building in North America made from salt.  The building serves as an information center and museum.  Displays include Morton Salt collectables, large color photos, video tape of the salt mining operations, historical photos, memorabilia of the town, and a tribute to famous aviator Wiley H. Post (born near Grand Saline) with state historical marker in front of the building.
Open Tues. - Sat, 8:30 a.m.  - 5 p.m. Intersection of U.S. 80 and U.S. Texas 110 (Main Street). 
For information, call 903-962-5631. 



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