Iraan   Pop. 1,363   Alt. 2,200

General - With 1928 discovery of oil, town exploded into existence of hastily constructed frame buildings and tents. Name, chosen in a contest, combines names of the townsite owners, Ira and Ann Yates.

City park - 40-acre park adjacent to Fantasyland (see below). Picnicking, grills, swimming pool, camping.

Discovery Well A No. 1- Gusher blew in more than half-century ago, remains one of the largest producing oil wells in North America. Tremendous jet of oil sprayed tent city four miles away. Historical marker in city park gives details.

Fantasyland - Alley Oop, comic strip caveman, was created by V.T. Hamlin while he lived in Iraan. Giant statues at playground immortalize Oop, his girl friend, Ooola, and his dinosaur Dinny. Dinny is 65 feet long, 16 feet tall, and 80,000 pounds heavy. Favorite spots are astride his head, or sliding out of Oop's 20-foot top hat. On U.S. 190.

Iraan Archaeological Museum - Located in Fantasyland Park, (see above) museum features excellent fossil exhibits, plus Indian artifacts, ranching antquities, and oil field relics. Open Apr. 1 - Sept. 1, Wed. - Sun. 2 - 6 pm.



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