Karnack Pop. 775 Alt. 237


Just off Texas 43 in Harrison county, adjacent to Caddo Lake State Park. Karnack was probably named for the ancient city of Karnak, Egypt. There’s a modern note in Karnack, Texas. Rockets roaring into space use fuel made here by Thikol Chemical corp.

Birthplace of Mrs. Lyndon b. Johnson - constructed of bricks made by slaves, the birthplace of former First Lady (born Claudia Taylor) is a handsome two-story structure on a sloping hill. Built before the Civil War, it was the family home of T.J. Taylor, a well known merchant; 2.7 miles southwest on Texas 43. Not open to the public.

Caddo Lake State park - 480 acres beside Caddo Lake; An area once occupied by Caddo Indians, a tribe quite advanced in civilization. Camping areas, trailer sites, cabins, fishing, swimming, boating, hiking nature trails and interpretive center. Two miles north off Texas 43. Admission.


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