KERMIT Population - 8,833 Altitude - 2,890


The seat of Winkler County was a mere village in 1926. The population of this entire county Oil Oil Oil Texans LOVE oil! This Rig is in Pioneer Park.was only 81.

Then there was oil.

It was struck nearby in the fabulous Permian Basin, and the boom was on.

Today, Kermit is a center for oil and petroleum-based industries. There is a County-owned golf course 7 miles west on Texas 302.

Medallion Home -

City's oldest existing structure furnished with period pieces. Open weekdays 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Sun. 3 - 5 p m North side of Winkler County Park,

Pioneer Park-

Outdoor museum includes Moorhead Derrick, a cable tool derrick with walking beam. Last active equipment of its type; was in operation until 1966. Other items are oldest house in Kermit, and "nester's shack" which were moved to site. Nearby Winkler County Park offers swimming, picnicking, athletic courts, Open daily. Four blocks north of Texas 302 at east limits.



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