Lancaster Population- 25,894 Altitude. 512


For years, Lancaster was the second largest city in Dallas County, and it still retains the look and feel of a small town although it is located only minutes from metropolitan Dallas.  Some of the finest Victorian homes in the county are preserved here.  Extensive renovation of the downtown area was accomplished in the 1970's; then, on April 25, 1994 a tornado struck the city. doing extensive  damage to the downtown and residential areas. Friends, neighbors and citizens joined force for the cleanup and today Lancaster is rebuilding and restoring.

During the War Between the States, a factory here produced the huge Colt .44 Dragoon revolver that collectors call the "Tucker & Sherrod Confederate Colt."  Memorabilia of the CSA foundry and gun factory are preserved in the city library.

Confederate Air Force Wing-

The Dallas - Fort Worth Wing of the CAF is housed at Lancaster Airport.  Among the W.W.II warbirds on display are the F4U Corsair, a T-33 jet, an R4D submarine hunter, and others, plus collections of W.W.II artifacts.  The prize of the collection, one of two remaining flyable Japanese Zeros, is usually here Feb. - Apr. for maintenance checkup.  Open Sat. 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Airport is on F.M. 1382 (Belt Line Rd.), six miles east of I - 35E in southeast Dallas County.



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