Marble Falls Population 4,959 Altitude 764

Named for the Colorado River waterfalls over marble outcroppings. Hunting, fishing and camping activities are popular here. Native game fish abound in lakes and streams. Fall and winter hunting seasons offer plentiful white-tailed deer, wild turkey and excellent wing shooting of migratory and native game birds.

Granite Mountain-

Huge dome of high quality pink and red granite, prized worldwide. Quarrying began in the 1880's for construction of the Texas Capitol. Unending flow of the superb material has continued ever since, yet bulk of the dome has hardly been diminished. View from roadside picnic area on R.M. 1431 just north of town; visitors not admitted to quarry area.

Scenic Drives-

R.M.  1431 offers breathtaking scenery both northwest and southeast over winding curves and hills, with frequent glimpses of Highland Lakes. Spring scenes are exceptionally beautiful.

Both R.M. 2147 (not shown on most maps) along western shore of Lake Marble Falls, and Texas 71 through the Hill Country are routes to be remembered.

Local Businesses-

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