MARSHALL pop. 25,023 alt. 375


Settled 1839, became seat of Harrison County 1842. When Texas seceded from Union in 1861, city was one of biggest and wealthiest in the state. It produced saddles, harnesses, clothing, powder and ammunition for Confederacy. When Vicksburg fell, Marshall became seat of civil authority west of the Mississippi River, wartime capital of Missouri and headquarters of Trans-Mississippi Postal Department. Confederate Monument on courthouse lawn. Several historic homes offer bed and breakfast. Home of East Texas Baptist Univ., Texas State Technical College, and Wiley College.

The Starr Family Historic Site.Starr Family State Historic Site-

Better known as Maplecroft, the name was given when the house was built in 1870 be James F. Starr, the son of Dr. James Harper Starr, an early financer, the Sureon General of the Republic of Texas in 1837, Secretary of the treasury for the Republic , Postmaster General of the confederacy west of the Mississippi, and (as if thats not enough) a member of the first board of regents of the University of Texas. The Starr Family remained Prominant in Texas' political and economic scene through successive generations. The construction materials and furnishings of the home were shipped from New Orelans and reflect the Italianate style that was very popular at the time. Shipwrights were imported due to the construction and all the red heart pine was inspected by a lumber expert. open wed. - mon. 9am. - 5pm. (sun 1-5pm.) 407 W. Travis Strt. (903) 935-3044 admission


Wonderland of Lights

Held annually Thanksgiving - New Year's Day features millions of tiny white lights. This is one of the largest concerted holiday light shows in the nation. Hundreds of businesses outline buildings and decorate windows; entire neighborhoods decorate around central themes; more than 125,000 lights decorate festival's "jewel," the historic Courthouse Museum. Visitors from all 50 states and many forieign countries have attended the extravaganza. For information, (903)935-7868.

Michelson-Reves Art Museum

Features the work of the late French Impressionist Leo Michelson whose work is displayed internationally. Open Tues. - Fri. noon - 5 p.m., Sat. - Sun. 1 - 4 p.m. Closed Mon. and holidays. 216 N. Bolivar St. Admission.

Ginocchio National Historic District

Three square blocks in the heart of old downtown centering around the 1896 Ginocchio Hotel, one of the state's finest examples of Victorian hotel architecture with magnificent interior woodwork and decorative details. Early Texas notables lodged and dined here. Occasionally open. Washington St. at T&P depot.

Another feature of the historic district is the nearby Allen house, a typical example of early Texas architecture, circa 1877, with up and downstairs verandas fronting the full length of the white frame house. 610 N. Washington St.



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