MERIDIAN population- 1,525 altitude- 791


Meridian, Texas was established on the Fourth of July, 1854, as seat of the newly created Bosque County; named for its location on the 100th meridian.

A small log-cabin courthouse was the first structure erected in town. Today, Meridian is a major retail center for agricultural activities. A popular state park is nearby.

Meridian State Park is absolutely beautifulMeridian State Park

Scenic 503 acres on Bee Creek in Bosque Valley, with 70-acre lake. Facilities include camping and trailer sites, screened shelters, group camp and opportunities for fishing, swimming, boating and hiking. Tawakoni Indians lived in the area until the mid-1800s. Four miles southwest of Meridian via Texas 22, Park Road 7. Admission.

Lake Whitney

23,560-acre Corps of Engineers impoundment on the Brazos River, one of most popular water recreation areas in nation. Attendance figures show more than four million visitors annually, but there is ample room on the lake that stretches 45 miles up the Brazos River Valley. Scores of campsites, marinas, parks, recreation areas, and leisure home developments along the shore. Fishing excellent in innumerable sheltered coves and inlets; lake record fish include channel cat, 23.75 lbs.; blue catfish, 41.5 lbs.; hybrid striped bass, 13.5 lbs.; white bass, 2.5 lbs.; largemouth bass, 9.06 lbs.; striped bass, 39.69 lbs. white crappie, 2.13 lbs., and smallmouth bass, 7.72 lbs., which was also a state record, caught Nov. 1988. Towering cliffs often edge the clear blue waters, and scuba divers explore depths that range to nearly 100 feet.

Lake Whitney State Park-

is on the eastern shore (see Whitney). A few miles west of Whitney via F.M. 1244 or F.M. 1713; also accessible from Clifton, Meridian and Hillsboro.



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