OZONA Pop. 3,500 Alt. 2,348

General -

Seat of Crockett County, vast ranching and oil area of 3,000 square miles; city is the state's largest unincorporated town and the only town in the entire county. Ozona, is one of nation's top areas in wool production; more than two million pounds aremarketed annually. In Edwards Plateau region,hunters find white-tailed deer, javelina and upland game birds.

Crockett County Memorial Fair Park-

Present location of Emerald House, oldest dwelling in county. Moved from town of Emerald when Ozona became county seat in 1891. Park offers playgrounds, picnic facilities. East edge of city off U.S. 290.

Crockett County Museum-

Frontier antiques, Indian relics, artifacts from Fort Lancaster, ranch implements and household items of the Western frontier. Open Mon. - Fri. 2 - 5 p.m. 404 11th St. (U.S. 290).

Davy Crockett Monument-

Statue in city park on town square honors legendary frontiersman and hero of the Alamo, for whom county was named.

Fort Lancaster State Historic Site -

Established 1855 by 1 st U.S. Infantry; large rectangle around parade ground was site of 25 buildings that housed two corn ' panies. Troopers on mules protected wagon trains on San Antonio-El Paso "lower road." Abandoned 1861. Modern visitor and interpretive center open Wed. - Sun. 8a.m. - 5 p.m. West 33 mi. on U.S. 290.

Scenic Drive-

Lancaster Hill, west on U.S. 290, overlooks Pecos River valley. A highway rest area provides an excellent spot for picnic lunch with panoramic view.



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