Palacios Population- 5,153  Altitude 17


Luther Hotel in PalaciosFounded in 1903, in an area named by shipwrecked Spaniards who supposedly saw a vision of tres palacios (three palaces).  Fishing is the dominant industry, both sport and commercial, along with seafood processing plants.

An attractive bayfront park that stretches along Tres Palacios Bay offers palm trees, picnicking facilities, and a spectacular 1.5 mile railed walkway at the water's edge.  Other features include a pier with covered pavilion, fishing jetty, and boat ramps.

Historic Inn - Luther Hotel -

Built in 1903; a recorded Texas historic landmark; served as a headquarters for early land developers.  During the the town's heyday, formally attired orchestra played at mealtimes along the rambling front porch of the Luther Hotel (since razed), then said to be the longest porch in Texas.  Still accepting guests on bayshore between 4th and 5th Streets.

Marine Fisheries Research Station -  Research facility where studies include adaptability of saltwater species to freshwater.   Tours are of interest to those with knowledge of marine biology.  Appointment advisable.  West 7.5 miles on Texas 35, south 5.5 miles on Well Point Road.

Parks -

Two free, lighted fishing piers, public boat ramps, and a (commercial) camping area along the bayshore drive.



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