Pecos  Population- 12,232  Altitude. 2,580


Established in 1881 as a stop on the Texas and Pacific Railroad, Pecos gained early fame as a hangout for rowdy cowboys and fast-draw lawmen.  Touted as the "Home of the World's First Rodeo," Pecos was scene of a cowboy contest in 1883 that was a forerunner of today's popular sport.  Today it is a hub of travel both east-west and north-south as well as  a commercial center for ranching, irrigated farming, produce processing, and oil production.  Pecos also has area hunting for mule deer, javelina, and upland game birds.  Visit the chamber of commerce, 111 S. Cedar St. (US 285) for details.

Maxey Park & Zoo-

Among several species of animals are buffalo, Longhorns, deer, javelina, mountain lions, and antelope.  A picnic area, gazebo, and a botanical garden with regional flowers and shrubs are found in the park area.  Also, there is a "kid's city" playground for children of all ages.  Full facility campground and RV park are west of the park.  On I-20 access road between US 285 and Texas 17.

pecos1.jpg (16816 bytes)Pecos Cantalopes-

Grown in irrigated fields, luscious melon is the delight of gourmets throughout the United States.  Quality derives from a natural combination of alkali soil, western sunlight and altitude.  Pecos cantalopes enjoy comparable states with Maine lobsters, French wines and Swiss cheeses.  Harvested late July through Sept, with a festival held in the late summer.  For festival schedule, call 915/445-2406.


West-of-the-Pecos Museum and Park-

The museum occupies an old saloon and three floors of a historic hotel, once the area's finest.  See the restored ornate fixutres, accurate displays of life in the late 1800's, and a site where two outlaws were gunned down by quick-draw bartender, Barney Riggs.  Fifty rooms of exhibits showcasing Pecos and West Texas history.  Information on other Pecos attractions.  Open Mon - Sat.  9am - 5pm; Sundays 2 - 5pm.  (6pm daily in the summer).  120 E. First St.   Admission fee.

Adjacent park contains the first building in Pecos, grave of Clay Allision, "Gentleman Gunfighter," and a replica of Judge Roy Bean's saloon.   Park also features an Eclipse windmill and offices of the tourist center and chamber of commerce.



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