Winsboro Pop. 3,766 Alt. 533

Texas' best known salute to fall foliage is Winnsboro's Autumn Trails.

General -

Founded in 1854 as a trade center at intersection of two main roads, and first known as Crossroads. Now situated between two major highways (I-20 and I-30). Name changed to honor early settler, John E. Wynn. Spelling was supposedly changed by a newspaper editor in the 1870s because of a shortage of "y's" in his type. Center of scenic area popular with photographers in any season. Recreational opportunities on nearby lakes; hunting and camping.

Autumn Trails

One of Texas' best known salutes to fall foliage is Winnsboro's Autumn Trails, held every weekend in Oct. Sightseers from throughout the state enjoy special mapped routes of East Texas forest land and a variety of special events.



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