Software Development Portfolio

Maxwell Locke & Ritter

"We have used Lone Star Internet since 2008 and our experience with them has been wonderful. We've sent them projects ranging from simple website page updates to complete website redesign, intranet creation, firm wiki creation, etc. and they always tackle each project strategically and professionally. Not only are their rates highly competitive, Ken and his team are an absolute dream to work with. No matter the size of your company or the project, I would highly recommend Lone Star Internet to do the job!"

Staci Sprayberry
Marketing Director ~ Maxwell Locke & Ritter

MLRPC needed a way to organize intercompany communications and manage dynamic areas of their public website. We created an intranet with the following features:

  • A employee manager that interfaces with the company directory in the intranet and the public website directory.
  • An announcement interface that allows management of employee announcements and cuts down on mass emails.
  • An upcoming events calendar that again cuts down on mass emails and interfaces with outlook.
  • A company wiki to collaboratively manage training and forms.
  • A message board to allow divisions and personnel to created threaded conversations.
  • An administrative interface to manage news items for the public website
  • An administrative interface to manage articles for the public website.

JB Goodwin - Austin Area Realtors

"Lone Star's programming of our site is incredible. We have a constantly changing front page and programs that work to update internal pages. The site allows us to do updates also, and the user interface for this task is easy and quick. The coordination of information throughout our site that Lone Star has managed has really made our site helpful to our users. We recommend their services highly."

Byron Schilling
President ~ JB Goodwin Realtors

JB Goodwin Realtors needed a comprehensive content management system for their listings and agents.

Due to the constantly changing nature of the content, the application needed to be easy to use with a navigation designed for quick data entry as well as automatic retrieval of the latest listing information via the RETs feed from the Austin Board of Realtors.

The resulting application has a number of advanced features including the following:

  • The main page of the site has constantly changing promotional messages as well as featured agents based on the agent's sales history, so the site doesn't appear static and stale
  • Listings are updated daily from the RETs feed from the Austin Board of Realtors
  • Mapping of listings is generated automatically from listing data
  • Agent data, while displayed in many locations throughout the site, is maintained in one area of the content management system. So if an agent leaves the firm, upon deleting the agent's information, all listings are passed to the backup agent record
  • Agents may have dynamic web pages on the web site pulling current listings as well as archive listings (sold or leased properties) from the current data, so an agent's current and past performance is available for review by clients selecting an agent
  • Agent specialties including foreign languages spoken are displayed in a manner allowing prospective clients to make an agent selection easily
  • Agent sale and leasing transactions are managed and maintained for reporting
  • Flyer ordering and payment are managed via an "agent only" interface

The result is a flexible and easy to manage content management system that allows the client to access the most current listing information in various interfaces and maintain their own constantly changing information.

Continuing Legal Education The University of Texas School of Law

"Ken Biggs and the programming staff at Lone Star Internet have been superb at every phase of our custom web application development, including back-end site architecture, database design, custom development, data migration, general ledger implementation, site launch and hosting. Lone Star delivered what they promised on time and on budget, and they are there every day for us to add enhancements, manage web hosting, and tweak the system. I've been involved in a number of software development projects and these guys are the real deal –– I highly recommend Lone Star for robust, cost–effective web development with great follow–up and support."

Michael Esposito
Assistant Dean and Director
Continuing Legal Education
The University of Texas School of Law

University of Texas School of Law Continuing Legal Education's legacy accounting and conference management system was becoming a burden. With the shift to online information delivery and sales, the legacy system just didn't offer the flexibility and ease of use they needed. It also had no interface with their online offering. Duplication of effort was substantial and reporting was being produced by hand from data dumps.

The new application had to allow for:

  • Integration of online sales with a new accounting system
  • Ability to develop complex conference offerings with a simple interface
  • Allow for maintenance of client records by clients
  • Complex accounting and management reporting
  • Flexibility in design and functionality

LSI's Plug–In–Cart was used as a base for this application. With exceptional flexibility in layout and presentation along with enterprise level solid performance, Plug–In–Cart allowed a wealth of functionality to be the starting point for the application.

Added to this strong base, LSI developed:

  • eLibrary with smart search, subscriptions and à la carte access to conference assets, and ability to manage selections in client account.
  • Online courses developed from conference assets
  • Conference role management
  • Email, fax and traditional mail campaign management
  • A double ledger accounting system to manage online and off–line sales
  • Administrative interface for conference development
  • Administrative interface for user management
  • Administrative interface for mailed-in sales entry and financial management
  • Administrative report generation interface

Complete Book Media Supply, Inc.

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your programmers for designing a superb shopping cart system which has proven to be easy to use and understand, highly customizable and trouble-free since its inception."

Peter Coomaraswamy
President, CEO ~ Complete Book & Media Supply, Inc.

Complete Book & Media Supply needed a site that could compete in the online media sales arena. With especially stiff competition, the site needed to be very feature rich and easy to use. Client management capabilities were required to allow Complete Book to modify pricing and book availability on their schedule.

Their requirements included:

  • Lightning fast complex search capabilities on a 3 million + record product database
  • Enterprise level ecommerce application

Client customization including:

  • Custom welcome headers
  • Custom pricing by client and media type
  • Custom checkout data and client approval methods
  • Custom "Featured Books" pages
  • Email list management by client and subject of interest
  • Integration with CommerceOne
  • Use of Oracle for advanced context search capabilities

Complete Book's requirements fit extremely well with a Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) solution. Utilizing Jakarta Struts and Java Servlet design, the site makes excellent use of memory management to deliver lightning fast performance and exceptional flexibility of design.

Camp Doublecreek

"This application, in our first year of using it, has cut our office man hours in half as well as allowing us to reduce the number of staff we use in the office. LSI has done a great job of customizing the program to our needs and listening to what we need."

D. Scott Kirtley
President ~ Doublecreek Farm, Inc.

Doublecreek Farm, Inc. was spending a great deal of time entering camper information from mailed-in forms into their day camp management software. Managing payments and collections and scheduling campers for horsemanship lessons was also taking an inordinate amount of time.

LSI developed the Camp Manager application to cut down on Doublecreek's administrative management requirements as well as to allow guardians an easy to use interface to manage camper information and make online payments.

Camp Manager has a number of advanced features including the following:

  • The administrator sets up sessions, bus routes, optional activities, lunch selections, snack card selections, and pricing
  • Camper guardians create their own account and enter all necessary contact information, camper information, medical information, etc.
  • Guardians select sessions for attendance, optional activities, schedule horsemanship lessons, bus assignments, lunches, and snacks for each camper
  • Business rules are utilized to determine the due dates for all items
  • Guardians are prompted for payment of deposits prior to finalizing a registration
  • Payment reminders are automatically sent via email prior to due dates
  • Accounting is managed using a "double ledger" accounting system
  • Quick and concise reporting provides administrators with financial and attendance information at a glance

Doublecreek Farm has seen a significant reduction in management expenses while customers have enjoyed the ability to manage their purchases.

RGK Foundation

RGK Foundation's application to manage grant applications had become difficult to manage and was badly in need of a rewrite. Using Ruby and Rails, LSI reorganized the application as an object-oriented project adding needed features, ease of use, and a well documented organized platform for development.

eEmployers Solutions

"As eESI has grown through the years, Lone Star Internet has been there for our web design, hosting, and value added web based programs. From the beginning with a simple informational web page, to client login interaction, and the development of our proprietary document manager, Lone Star Internet has been a key part of our growth in the information age. The entire staff's attention to detail, project turn around times, and customer service is very much appreciated. We look forward to our continued partnership with Lone Star Internet to meet our company growth needs."

Corey Hookstra
eEmployers Solutions, Inc.

Document management was becoming a time consuming headache for eESI. They needed a solution allowing them to manage a large number of documents that would be customized for each client. The application needed to allow them to manage the document in a single location, but allow them to selectively include the document by client or to create groups of documents and/or clients to make management as easy as possible.

Clients are issued logins and are presented with an organized list of helpful documents allowing eESI to eliminate a large number of phone calls, faxes, and employee time managing this important part of the services they provide.

We added our iReach newsletter application allowing eESI to communicate with their clients utilizing multiple newsletter templates and mailing lists as well as providing an archive of helpful newsletter articles.

Most recently we have developed an online employment application allowing their clients to direct employees to an application that manages the questionnaire, scheduling, and has interfaces for client human resources personnel to add specifics on pay rate and frequency to complete the applicant record. Interface with their payroll management software eliminates double keying sensitive information. Digital signatures and electronic documents are archived to ensure compliance.