Terlingua Population- 25 Altitude- 2,720

Ghost Cinnabar-Mining Town of Terlingua General-

In the 1800's the area around Terlingua was inhabited by a few scattered Mexican herders, who lived in a precarious relationship with Apache and Comanche Indians who regularly moved through this wild country. Mercury Was discovered here in 1890, and soon this sleepy town swelled to a population of 2,000. Millions of dollars worth of quicksilver were made before the boom tapered off. Soon this boom town became a ghost town.

Some modern residents have come of late, leisure homes in this remote desert setting, a country store, a few motels, and even a restaurant.

Located off the western edge of Big Bend National Park off F.M. 170.

Rio Grande Float trips

Liscensed river outfitters provide one to nine day trips through the remote canyons of the Rio Grande.

Scenic Drive

F.M. 170 or El Camino del Rio, (Spanish for the "River Road")



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