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About Us

Creative Website Design. Our Experienced and talented Austin Web Developers create beautiful custom designs with eye-catching logos and graphics that promote your corporate image. We create simple yet effective user-interface design and navigation and provide reviews and recommendations for optimal web site performance.

Experienced Software Development. Our team of developers are committed to excellence. We develop sites, intranets, and applications based on your objectives with code that is easily maintainable and open to enhancements. We also provide top-notch training for your staff on site use and management.

Reliable Hosting. We review your traffic statistics and web site performance to make sure your expectations are being met. Your site will be hosted on our secure server, and email services are virus–scanned and spam–filtered. We ensure quick load time and constant site monitoring. Our tightly managed firewall protects your site from hackers, and your site is backed up daily for your peace of mind.


On the front-end of every web application we build at Lone Star Internet, Inc., we put a heavy focus on and strive for the highest standards in modern, best-of-breed internet technologies including:

  • HTML 5 with backward-compatibility for older browsers and forward-compatibility for mobile devices.
  • CSS 3 with standards-based separation of presentation and concern for high quality visuals across all supported platforms.
  • Grid-based, cross-browser compatible layouts, both fluid and fixed, to meet the needs of your particular audience and desired design.
  • Advanced Javascript features using the latest functions and effects libraries, such as jQuery and jQuery-UI.
  • Charts and graphs using the top charting libraries, providing Javascript-based charts that look and feel like Flash, but work on every device, including web browsers and iOS mobile devices.
  • Cutting-edge site performance and enhancement techniques, including sprite sheets, lazy-loaded javascript, media queries, web fonts, and conditional styling to ensure a top-notch presentation for all of your visitors.

Software Development

Lone Star Internet, Inc. develops web applications utilizing the Ruby on Rails framework. This framework provides a consistent approach to building web applications and focuses on convention, allowing developers to more easily build web software that is organized, efficient, and precisely-engineered. Rails features an integrated test suite, allowing us to create unit and functional tests as we develop the site infrastructure. Tests not only ensure everything still works as new features are added, but also act as documentation of the intent and use of an application. Ruby is a mature and powerful programming language used by businesses small and large; and the Rails web application framework, currently at version 3.2, powers enterprise sites all over the web and is integral to sites such as Twitter, Basecamp, Hulu, YellowPages, and more. The Ruby language and the Rails framework are open-source and well-supported. Other technologies typically utilized include:

  • Both relational databases, such as MySQL, and document-driven datastores, like MongoDB
  • Resource-based and RESTful data organization, ensuring that your site will be performant, well-built, and flexible for new features today and into the future.
  • Enterprise-grade architecture and deployment , so that you can be confident knowing that your site is hosted in a secure and robust manner, providing excellent uptime and reliability.
  • Full administrative reporting features , as needed, including data exports, so that you can keep tabs on what your site is doing and how your users are using it.


We provide premium bandwidth hosting on the secure and scalable Linux platform with colo facilities in Austin, Texas.


We are experts in implementing cXML and Open Catalog Interface e-commerce including, SAP, Ariba, Oracle iProcurement, and a number of custom procurement applications. A few of the clients we have set up e-Procurement implementations with include IBM, Merck, Whirlpool, Genentech, Bloomberg, Motorola, Travelers, Met Life, State Farm, CA, Xerox, and Progressive Insurance. Access to these Fortune 500 company e-Procurement systems is an invaluable sales tool.